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Birthday Card for Dad

Inside:  In this ruff and tumble world, I'm glad you're next to me.  Happy Birthday!

DES14215     $3.25 each

Bulldog Dad Birthday Card
Bulldog Birthday Card
Bulldog Birthday Card
Inside:  You're Top Dog today!
MH11247     $3.49  each

Bulldog Birthday Card
Bulldog Birthday Card

When you're young, they're good .when you're older, they're bad
And once you get to be our age,
they're just plain ugly!
Happy Birthday

LT44637  $2.99 each
Bulldog Friendship Card
Bulldog Friendship/Romance Card
Inside: Love you!
RS1630     $2.99 each

Bulldog Greeting Card

Older and wiser?
Try older and wider!

NE893     $2.99 each
Bulldog Birthday Card
Bulldog Get Well Card

Being sick bites

MH14196     $2.99 each
Bulldog Get Well Card
Bulldog Birthday Card
Bulldog Birthday Card

Front:  Hey

When it comes to parties,
I'm totally prepared!
Happy Birthday

BD11      $2.99 each
Bulldog Key Chain
Bulldog Key Chain

Colorful Key Chains! Double-sided and the center part spins! Attached to a chain and split ring that holds your keys.  The portion shown above measures 1.75" high.

ESKC08      $6.95 each
Petsitter Thank You Card
Pet Sitter Thank You Card
Inside: My tail is still wagging!
Thanks for taking such good care of me!
AV102001     $2.99
Bulldog Congratulations Card!
Bulldog Congratulations Card

Front:  i shall call him mini-me

congratulations on your new baby

CBZ103      $2.99 each
Bulldog Note Card
These adorable cards are made in France!

Note:  Cards come with square envelopes which require extra postage here in the U.S. PUt 2 stamps on this one, or check with the Post Office before mailing.

NI897     $3.95 each
Bulldog Glamour Dog
Bulldog Halloween Card
Bulldog Halloween Mask Card
The Black Cat Mask that this Bulldog is wearing actually punches out and can be worn by the recipient -- with the enclosed elastic band!

Inside verse:  Hope it's lip-smacking good!
Happy Halloween

AV15698       $3.95 each