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Dachshund Birthday Card

Front:  dream sweet dreams

Inside:  and trust them to come true.  Happy Birthday

CDT396     $2.99 each
Dachshund Birthday Card
This adorable card is 3-D!
It is different from a traditional card which opens from right to left.  The dog's front feet bend forward slightly, to make this a stand-up card!  The "Birthday News" is removable, and it's here that you write your own birthday greeting to the recipient!
Size:  Approx. 6.25" tall
Comes with creme envelope
HTMN5358   $3.99 each
Dachshund Birthday Card
Dachshund Friendship Card

Front:  everybody needs a buddy

Inside:  I'm glad you're mine

CDT404     $3.50 each
Dachshund Birthday Card

I double-dog dare you to have an awesome birthday!

DES13597      $3.25 each
Dachshund Birthday Card
With one eye closed, you only look half as old!  Happy Birthday

LT95226    $2.15 each
Dachshund Cards
Dachshund Blue Ribbon Birthday Card
Red Dachshund Birthday Card
Artist: Patty Burke
Have a Blue-Ribbon Birthday!

PBBR07    $2.99 each

Dachshund Birthday Card

Front:  never look back

Inside:  You'll miss all the good stuff up ahead.
Happy Birthday

CDT426      $3.50 each
Dachshund Birthday Card
Dachshund Birthday Card

Front:  It's your birthday!

Verse:  Party 'til you're pooped!

RS5309       $2.99 each