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Gifts for Beagle Lovers!
Beagle Note Pad
Beagle Note Pad with Pencil
These handy note pads come with a pencil clipped to the side, and have a magnetic back. The quote at the bottom is by Roger Caras:  "Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."
Measures 2.75" by 9.5"
WS51    $4.99 each
Beagle Coasters
Set of four coasters in a wooden holder.
Coasters are tile, with cork backing.

HIG833     $17.95
Beagle Coasters
Beagle Birthday Cards
Beagle Birthday Card
Inside:  And remember, as birthdays come and go . . . keep that tail waggin' and have a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday!

MH14680     $2.99 each
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Beagle Salt & Pepper Shakers
Beagle Salt & Pepper Shakers
These adorable salt and pepper shakers meaasure approximately 2.25" tall!
WG93903     $11.95
Beagle Get Well Card
Beagle Get Well Card
Just what the doctor ordered... a little R&R
Get Well Soon
NE534        $2.95 each
Beagle Birthday Card
For your birthday, I wanted to get you
a donut to dunk in your coffee,
but all they had were beagles!
NE691        $2.99 each
Beagle Birthday Cards
Beagle Friendship/Birthday Card
You're at that perfect age ...
Old enough to know better,
But still young enough to do it anyway!
NE439        $2.99 each
Beagle Key Chain

Colorful Key Chains! Double-sided and the center part spins! Attached to a chain and split ring that holds your keys.  The portion shown above measures 1.75" high.

ESKC03      $6.95 each
Beagle Key Chain
Beagle Birthday Cards
Beagle Birthday Card
This adorable card is 3-D!
It is different from a traditional card which opens from right to left.  The dog's front feet bend forward slightly, to make this a stand-up card!  The "Birthday News" is removable, and it's here that you write your own birthday greeting to the recipient!
Size:  Approx. 6.25" tall
Comes with blue envelope
HTMN5357    $3.99 each
Beagle Birthday Card
Inside: May joys both large and small abound on your birthday
PR262      $2.59 each
Beagle Fridge Magnet
Measures 2" by 3"
PRMG101     $3.95
Only 1 left!